Biotek additive for fuels

What is Biotek?

BIOTEK is an additive for fuels.

It is a NEW product, the result of many years’ study and many trials, with an ideal formulation that interacts with all types of petroleum-derived fuels, significantly improving combustion.

Our competitors’ products require different additives to perform the functions of just one dose of BIOTEK.

Benefits of Biotek

Energy saving

Mixed with fuel, BIOTEK triggers an increase in the energy liberated in combustion by making this more complete and, consequently, better engine performance. An increase in energy in combustion translates directly into energy saving. We know that, in combustion, part of the heat produced, associated with the products of combustion, is lost; these losses may be grouped in two types:Losses through Unburned Fuel (Qi) and Enthalpy of the products of combustion (Qhs)

Reduction in Contamination

The lower the losses through unburned fuel (Qi) and the lower the losses through the heating of gases generated through bad combustion (Qhs), the better the combustion performance

Cost reduction

Using BIOTEK reduces the maintenance tasks that should be undertaken in the tanks, engines, combustion chambers in the short and long term and, in general, all the physical elements that form part of the fuel circuits and devices in which combustion is performed.

Now you already understand our benefits

We propose that you perform a trial on the engine of any vehicle, machine or boat you like, as on any petrol pump or tank that you may deem to be appropriate, measuring the paremeters described before and after using Biotek.

The results will surprise you!

Fuel consumption saving of between 10% and 12%.

ADBlue consumption saving of between 8% and 12% (in diesel engines).

Saving in wear to the injection system (Injectors, Pipes, Injection Pump, Filters).

Better engine performance (Elimination of Soot, Cleaning and Lubrication of the Engine).

Less wear to particulate filter, catalyser, EGR valve.

Elimination of fumes.

Significant lowering of noxious gases, including NOX.

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