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BIOTEK is an organic chemical compound, that is made synthetically.

BIOTEK is the fruit of many years’ study and numerous trials, that have managed to achieve an ideal formulation that interacts with all types of petroleum-derived fuels.

Improved performance

BIOTEK clearly causes improved engine performance, which is principally based on the incorporation of oxygen into the fuel. By itself, increased oxygen gives rise to better combustion, but this combustion also benefits from the generation of a finer nebulisation with smaller particles due to the high-pressure levels of the supply systems.
BIOTEK has a component that contributes to increasing the cetane number of diesels, facilitating fuel ignition and, due to its hydroxygen content, achieves a full deflagration, preventing the loss of energy that is produced by heating ash and residual gases, taking advantage of each fuel particle.
BIOTEK acts as a chemical “intercooler”, reducing the temperature in the induction system through it being a thermoregulating compound. In the same way, its components contribute the fundamental elements in combustion (hydrogen and oxygen) to the fuel.
BIOTEK also adds another component used to increase power, which has the capacity to eliminate water molecules that diminish fuel efficiency, increasing efficiency in the combustion chamber and preventing corrosion of diverse metallic materials and alkaline deposits in the pistons.

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The main cause of poor combustion is a lack of oxygen with respect to the fuel injected. The ideal proportion to achieve a stoichiometric, i.e. perfect, combustion in diesel engines is 14.5 grams of air per gram of fuel. But there are many factors that impede this proportion, amongst others; dirty injectors and fuel of poor quality or with a high impurity content.

BIOTEK causes the incorporation of oxygen into the fuel, which contributes to, along with the oxygen of the air in the atmosphere, the oxidation of the fuel mass almost entirely, thus reducing unburned fuel residues NOx, CO2 and HC gases.

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Cleaning of supply, exhaust and storage systems

Another compound that intervenes in the BIOTEK formulation is used to clean the supply system. This cleaning is achieved through dissolution and in a non-abrasive way since the particularity of BIOTEK is that it manages to clean with a practical absence of residues, achieving a quality cleaning without damaging the systems.

As a collateral effect caused by the optimisation of the combustion, we should point out that this prevents the formation of incrustation (the famous “soot”) in the exhaust valve seats, turbos, gas recirculation systems, etc.

The cleaning of storage systems also benefits from the incorporation of BIOTEK due to their great capacity for dissolving paraffins and sludge, preventing these from interfering in the injection systems and causing defects in the high- and low- pressure pumps and to the durability of the different filtering systems.

Density regulator

A further benefit of BIOTEK is its anti-turbidity capacity for fuel, which is caused by low temperatures and the incorporation of fat or oil into the fuel, which offer little resistance to freezing at low temperatures, preventing the correct operation of the supply systems.

Thanks to our formulation, BIOTEK is ideal for fuels with a high fat or oil content, as is the case with BIOFUEL (BIODIESEL) since, thanks to BIOTEK’s dissolution capacity, the fatty acids of these biofuels are prevented from solidifying.

Furthermore, BIOTEK is pH neutral, which helps to stabilise the acidity of these new biofuels, being of special interest in protecting the components of supply systems, preventing the decomposition of filters, gaskets, seals, etc.

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BIOTEK‘s composition makes it an excellent bactericide due to it being capable of eliminating even the most persistent microorganisms, eliminating the possibility of these re-emerging and, due to its great dissolution capacity, as we have mentioned above, makes these dissolve without leaving any trace. A shock elimination treatment is only required in the event of a massive presence of these formations.

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