Biotek is an additive for fuels.

It is a NEW product, the result of many years’ study and many trials, with an ideal formulation that interacts with all types of petroleum-derived fuels, significantly improving combustion. Our competitors’ products require different additives to perform the functions of just one dose of BIOTEK.

Mixed with fuels in very small proportions, 100ml for every 50 litres of fuel, it achieves the followingin the combustion:

Biotek functions:

Fuel saving

  • Lower ADBlue Consumption
  • Longer Catalyser Life
  • Longer Particulate Filter Life

Minimal emission:

  • Hydrocarbon and Unburned Fuel
  • Carbon Monoxide Emission (CO)
  • Minimal Emission (CO²)
  • NOX Emission of Nitrogen Derivatives

Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Extends Engine Life
  • Eliminates Soot Accumulation
  • Increased Lubrication
  • Acts like Detergent
  • Dissolves Water in Fuels
  • Eliminates and prevents Sludge and Paraffins
  • Eliminates and prevents Bacteria
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